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All Ascend students will learn at home beginning September 8 at least through November 24.

Phase 3: Preference Survey for Remote vs. In-person learning


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The purpose of this survey is for us to collect your current preferences for remote or in-person learning for your child in Phase 3, which begins on November 30, 2020 and continues until January 22, 2021. As a reminder, you will be able to change your stated preferences before the start of Phase 4, and before each subsequent phase.

In Phase 3, 100% in-person learning may become available for a portion of students. Students who are prioritized for 100% in-person learning will attend classes in person every day, in a safe, physically-distant manner. Students may be prioritized for in-person learning based on grade level, or based on their unique circumstances and challenges, or their special needs that cannot be met through remote learning.

You may select 100% remote learning at any point and your request will be honored. However, you may only select 100% in-person learning at the beginning of the Phase. In other words, if you start 100% remote, you will have to wait until the next Phase to request in-person learning. We will try to accommodate the in-person preferences of our families. However, space limitations due to physical distancing mandates limit our ability to do so.

We will communicate the decision about remote and in-person learning for Phase 3 by November 6, 2020.

Please complete this survey by November 3, 2020.

Phase 2 Decision and Return to School Family Guide translations:
All Ascend students will learn at home at least through November 24th.
Please make sure to visit https://www.ascendlearning.org/coronavirus/ for all network wide updates, answers to frequently asked questions. This website will allow you to view information in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Bengali.

Pandemic-EBT Food Benefits for Families card update:

New York State continues to mail P-EBT cards to eligible families for several more weeks. If you have not gotten your card yet, please continue to check your mail. If you have questions about your P-EBT card, please go HERE.









Countdown to Election Day! 

#Your Vote Matters

New York State Election Day is November 3rd, 2020.

Find out all you need to know by visiting Vote.org.


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BAFA's misson is to provide social, cultural  and developmental opportunities for scholars through fundraising activities. To facilitate interaction among families through social events and share resources. To develop parent leadership and foster parent participation on all levels, by providing a structure for parent volunteers. 

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