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Family handbook

Handbook 2018-19

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Other resources

New York State Common Core aligned curriculum resources and information for parents and families.

Free, online educational resource, including over 100,000 practice problems, and over 6,000 micro  lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, biology, American civics, art history, economics, and computer science.

Plan for college!

Saving for college now can give your child a head start on the path to future success.Consider starting a 529 plan.


This tax-advantaged savings plan is designed to encourage saving for future college costs. You can benefit from tax-deferred earnings as well as tax-free withdrawals for qualified higher-education expenses. And since you're paying less in taxes, you can save more, which lowers the total cost of college.

Apply for an idNYC card! It can be used as a library card, to open a bank account, to enter all ciity buildings, such as schools, and to access city services. The ID card comes with additional benefits including free membership to 40 cultural institutions and discounts on movie tickets, sporting events, health and fitness clubs and much more.

Visit the Brooklyn Public Library site for children with book recommendations, events, and more.

Tutoring programs

Listing of tutoring programs available in our community. (The list is provided for informational purposes only; Ascend does not endorse any organizations.)

Childcare For Children of First Responders


If you are a parent and work as a healthcare provider, FDNY, NYPD, OEM or other eligible front-line worker, there are Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) set up for your children. For more information, eligible parents can complete the survey here: https://bit.ly/2xfzEVe.

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